Exceptional Service at a reasonable Price!

Exceptional Service at a reasonable Price!

Exceptional Service at a reasonable Price!Exceptional Service at a reasonable Price!

"We don't have bugs because we have Allure!" - Ellen C. 

Residential Pest and Rodent Control Pricing

We believe our customers should have every option available to ensure we meet their expectations!

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Allure Pest Management  was started in June of 2018. The owner Jason Shelton has been in the Pest Control Industry for over 14 years. He started his Pest Control journey in 2006 and as time went on, he realized just how important Pest Control was. When he first started performing  Pest Control in 2006, bed bugs were not talked about very much. That soon changed when he treated and removed a bed bug infestation from a home where the owner was suffering from mental and physical anguish after being bit beyond belief. He soon understood his purpose and in a way, he felt he was helping people from situations out of their control. That feeling of being able to help is why he continued his Pest Control career and started Allure Pest Management.


Pest Control at Its Finest

Allure was created with one thought, to provide exceptional service at a reasonable price! We strive in providing a white glove service. Every time a technician enters your home or property from Allure Pest Management you will be greeted with a smile, along with a brand new set of booties, gloves and pristine equipment giving the customer the cleanest along with the most effective service possible. 


Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Allure Pest Management understands times are difficult and we strive to be the most competitively priced company while providing a superior service. Taking care of our customers is our number one goal and without you, Allure Pest Management would not be here.

Welcome to our family!

Office manager Jessica

“Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships.” - Michael Jordan

Jessica is our office manager and she leads our team with joy and a smile. If you need anything she will be happy to help you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Bee Treatment and Removal

Treatment and removal of a bee swarm that landed on a children’s playground. Most of the time when bees swarm, they land on an object and they will leave within 24 hours. When bees are swarming the queen is not used to flying long distances and somstones they need to stop and rest before arriving at their new hive location. It is recommended to give them at least 24 hours to relocate on their own before calling a professional for treatment.

Gopher X Treatment

Gopher X Gopher Treatment

Benefits of treating with Carbon Monoxide can include:

•  Direct targeting of rodents within the burrow system.
•  No reliance on bait acceptance that sometimes hinders rodenticide and trapping efforts.
•  No secondary toxicity concerns for scavengers and predators.
•  It seldom requires handling of animals after treatment, which reduces the risk of disease and parasite transmittance to humans.
•  It can be highly efficacious.
• Designated as a pest control device by the EPA.

Bed Bug Steam Treatment

Introducing the Polti Eradicator and Sanitizer. A commercial grade steamer specifically designed for the treatment of bed bugs but can be used for many other pests. The Polti Eradicator and Sanitizer pushes steam out at 356 degrees which will kill bed bugs and their eggs on contact. It’s a great treatment alternative that does not need the use of chemicals or pesticides. 

Silent Link Classic

We had the opportunity to be a host a hole for charity at the Silent Link Classic. The charity event took place at the Riverwalk Golf Course benefitting #HashtagLunchBag. We were honored and look forward to our next event! 

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